Translation with human actor

Sign Time makes your content accessible for deaf people. Their mother tongue is sign language. Deaf people have never heard spoken language. Therefore, written text is often difficult for them to understand.

We translate your written and spoken content into sign language. A deaf actor records the translation in a video studio.

With the communication in sign language you express your acceptance of different user needs.

And you also meet legal requirements for accessibility.

We translate websites and dub videos, films and TV programs into sign language. We also offer Sign Language Guides for museums and exhibitions.

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Translation with 3D-animated avatar (SIMAX)

SiMAX is a software for translating text into 3D animated sign language. A learning database in the background and deaf sign language professionals ensure high quality translation.

The translation is signed by a digital avatar. We design the avatar according to your corporate identity or your target group.

This solution is particularly efficient and cost-effective, because no film studio or complex video technology is required.

It offers high flexibility because changes are possible at any time.

SiMAX translates a wide range of content for you, such as websites, films, TV programs, museum tours, traffic reports, citizen information and vital information in package inserts for medicines.

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